You Know You’re Becoming French when….

These things are actually happening to me

1. You refer to eating at 7pm as an ‘early dinner’

2. You feel that your lunch of a baguette, apple and handful of nuts is not a ‘real’ lunch – where’s the 5 course meal?

3. You miss the bus home by 1 minute and yell out ‘merde!’ and not ‘shit’

4. When you knock your knee against the table you say ‘aie’ and not ‘ow’

5. You dream in French

6. You get annoyed at English speakers who automatically approach non-native English speakers and speak in English without asking if that person speaks English first (bloody English speakers, why  do they just assume everyone speaks English?)

To be continued (I’ve got another 6 months in France after all)


One thought on “You Know You’re Becoming French when….

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