If only life was like a Belgian Box of Chocolates…

Note: Captions stolen from my travelling buddy Vicki


Oh what a lovely box!

What could be inside…?

The suspense is killing me!

What? Chocolate! What a surprise…

Me: “I’m going to try one every day”

Vicki: “I’m going to try 10 every day….”

Well I ended up trying 2 a day… or three, okay it was four! But they are really good chocolates. In fact I’d go so far to say it’s the only place to buy your chocolates if you’re ever in Brugge, Belgium – there are no signs in English (but don’t worry the owners speak great English) and it’s very fairly priced – one 400g box (pictured) cost me 10 Euros.

Compare that to the day Vicki bought three individual pieces of chocolate which cost her almost 5 Euros and you’ve got yourself a bargain.

So where is this wonderful place?

Chocolaterie Spegelaere

Ezelstraat 92 Brugge

Tel & Fax 050/33 60 52

About a 5 minute walk from the Market Place.


2 thoughts on “If only life was like a Belgian Box of Chocolates…

  1. I feel like that crazy fish in Spongebob Squarepants that chases Spongebob and Patrick down the street screaming CHOCOLATE!!!!

    Yum. Which is the best flavour?

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