The Strangest Questions about Australia…

  • How many countries are there in Australia? (Um… just one! I guess this could be considered forgivable – it’s a continent and a country)
  • So Australian is the official language? (Is this really an acceptable level of ignorance after the age of 15?) 
  • Are there any cats in Australia? (This was asked by an adorable 6 year old French girl and was very cute!)
  • Are there dogs too? (again asked by the cute 6-year-old)
  • Are there any English-speakers in Australia (Asked the 6-year old, and I forgive her cause she’s just so damn cute and I think I confused her because I only spoke to her in French)
  • But you can see kangaroos in people’s gardens, can’t you? (Sure but it wouldn’t live long if I saw a kangaroo jump into my backyard)
  • (Referring to Australian money being made of plastic and not paper) So… is it like laminated? 
Celebrities French people thought were Australian
  • Owen Wilson
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Lady Gaga (she was apparently born in Australia (????))

To be fair – I did give them a quick quiz on Australia and asked them to name three Australian celebrities… but Ashton Kutcher? Really?

Any other Australians (or other nationalities) had some just strange questions asked about their home country?

I’d love to hear them!


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