Holy Shit… Someone’s Reading This?

Dear Readers,

I know I’m not the most active blogger on the internet, but I was surprised to see I got over 50 views yesterday even though I haven’t posted in over a month…

So it seems I’ve found an audience and some people are liking what I’m writing on here.

So I’ve started to think I should try to keep going with this blog ( I have heaps of draft posts and ideas that haven’t made it to the blog yet). But if you are reading this post, what types of articles do you want to read?

Click as many as you like!

Samantha xo


3 thoughts on “Holy Shit… Someone’s Reading This?

  1. I just started dating a frenchman and LUCKILY I was hipped to how fast they move compared to American men beforehand. I love the stories… please write more! They’re so funny.
    Did you ever kiss a frenchman who did that weird tongue swirly thing in your mouth… ugh.

  2. I remember spending the whole train trip between Dunkerque and Lille discussing American VS European/Australian dating politics with my American friend Rachel haha It was a BIG eye opener on how the American dating scene works in the US – I think French boys and Australian boys move at the same “pace” so it wasn’t a huge shock for me 🙂 And as for that tongue thing? Yeah… I know what you mean, what is it with French boys and tongue? 😛

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