My Laptop Commited Suicide…

Sorry for the delay in posting! I have a very good excuse – my computer tried to kill itself.

I was sitting on the couch when I started to smell something burning… it was coming from my lap! I could see the smoke coming out of its side and smelt burning wires. Naturally – I freaked and shut it off. I left it for a few days before posting an SOS on Facebook (via mobile).

My hilarious friends had this to say:

Me: so smoke started coming out of my laptop today – shit. Computer wizz friends, whats happening?!

Allyse i recommend a ring of salt because it sounds possessed :0
Georgia  It’s going to laptop heaven…
Claire May it rest in pieces.
Me: noooo u bitches its holding onto liiiiiife!!! :p i turned it off and hoping itll calm the fuck down by tomorow morning
Melinda Omg shit .
Allyse  i’ve been getting repeated visits from the blue screen of death for more than six months, and my laptop’s full of writing that hasn’t been backed up anyway. Danger? Ha! I walk on the wild side.

Samantha i feel this may be the universes way of telling me to start backing stuff up… Like ok, i can take a hint!
So…. I was in a bit of tech turmoil and my blog posts got delayed… My original laptop is still getting fixed, but I got a replacement one now so all is good for blogging 🙂

Stay tuned for a new post very soon!



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