Getting Money to Travel Part 4: Believe It is Possible

This is the final part to my ‘getting money to travel’ series, yay! This part might be a bit too ‘new age’ for some of you, but it’s a philosophy that works for me 😀

I’ve been following the philosophy of The Law of Attraction for a few years, and I honestly believe that nothing is impossible if you believe it can happen. I also believe that if you believe that something is impossible or focus on the things you don’t want, than that is what you will attract into your life.

A very simple example is that we all know a person who says “I never get sick” and they never do. We all probably know another person who says “I always get sick” and that is exactly what happens to them. Even though they might not want to be sick, by constantly telling themselves that that it is true for them = what eventuates in their life.

The first time I wanted to go on exchange, I started to research the costs online and soon realised I would need quite a bit of money to survive for six months overseas. I wrote on a piece of paper that I wanted to go on a student exchange, and not long after I found that my university was offering an all-expenses paid exchange to Malaysia.

I took the brochure, read all the details and conditions, did the maths and realised it was a perfect way to go overseas. I only had a few weeks to get the application in and I ran around to tutors and lecturers to get letters of recommendation and made sure the form got in at the right time to the right people.

Sure enough – I got in.

I think how it works is that when you start to focus on the things you want, rather than the things you don’t want, your consciousness becomes aware of the opportunities around you. There’s a famous experiment which took a group of people who saw themselves as ‘lucky’ and another group of people who saw themselves as ‘unlucky.’ They were given the task to count all the advertisements in a newspaper, but it was only the people who believed themselves to be ‘lucky’ that found an advertisement half-way through, telling them that if they found that advertisement they could finish and leave early.

You’re consciousness is not going to see opportunities when you keep telling yourself that it’s simply not possible. I honestly feel that if I believed I would never have the money to go on exchange – than it wouldn’t have happened. It didn’t happen in quite the way I thought it would – but it did.

However it is still up to you, to dare and take that opportunity that the universe has given you when it does come around.

People who really want to go to a certain country have probably been researching how much money they need, looked into working or studying there, already bought the guide books and signed up for special deals through airlines like they’re already going.

One of my close friends in high school told me every year that she was going to have her 21st birthday in DisneyWorld. She always told me this with such conviction even though she might not have known at the time how it was going to happen. The year before she turned 21 she got a job interning at Disneyworld, which was perfect experience to add to her travel agent course. She had believed her dream was possible, and it happened.

You can read a lot more about this philosophy in the following books (both of which I’ve read and can recommend)

‘The Secret’ by Rhona Byrne






‘You can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay







Both books also have a DVD version – nothing wrong with getting the DVD, I actually think the DVD for The Secret is almost more enjoyable than the book!

So whatever your travel dream is, whether it’s seeing the Eiffel Tower, an African safari or something across the other side of the globe – don’t believe it can’t happen. It is never an impossible dream.


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