Website Updates: Future Blog, New Layout & Japanese!

Hello Everyone!

New Layout

You’ll have seen some changes around here, namely my brand new layout! I decided I wanted a fresher and brighter ‘look’ for my blog and this was the best option out of all the ‘free’ ones haha I found another one that was a little less ‘romantic’ but it had no side-bar and I figured what’s the point of a blog without a sidebar? You can’t find anything in it! 🙂 So here we are with this new layout, hope you like it!

Growing and Expanding

My stats are continuing to increase every month, this month I’ve gotten over 1,200 views which for me is a new personal record! I’m also getting so many readers that I get spam comments every day! The true sign of getting popular on the internet I say haha

I know I’m not breaking any records here, but I like seeing my readership expanding, comments, likes and followers growing. I’ve been considering making a Facebook page for this blog, but haven’t decided yet…

New name?

Now that I’ve gotten a new layout, I’ve started thinking of new names for this blog. I liked ‘sacre bleu!’ for a while, but I have a few other ideas in my head that I’m starting to like better… Thing is I don’t know yet if I can just change the name and URL without having to get a whole new blog (which I wouldn’t want to do) and then there’s the risk of will people be able to find me if I change the name of this blog? Hm….

New Projects

I’d like to start adding a ‘resource’ page to the top of the blog, and start building a collection of good online resources for learning French. It’ll be like a review system and it’ll be a new page, I already have a page of my favourite French-learning resources but I want this to be more of a review on all of the resources out there. Haven’t really started this yet… but I intend to! 🙂


I’ve recently started learning Japanese 🙂 My original intent was to learn it only using free resources. I started off doing a lot of research on what the best free products out there were, but I’ve already caved and ended up buying stuff! 🙂 Having said that, I’ve managed to avoid paying for weekly classes which I would like to do but are a bit expensive for me at the moment.

I ended up buying a set of Japanese Kana flash cards from the Foreign Language Bookstore in Melbourne and I subscribed to Japanese Lingualift when they had their ‘Black Friday’ sale. I got 75% off a year’s subscription  which brought the price to only $7 a month for a year which is still a lot cheaper than weekly lessons 🙂

I’ve considered starting a new blog about it, but it’s quite a bit of effort just to run one proper blog with the right links, formatting and editing so two might be a bit much for me…. Maybe I’ll just occasionally post updates on my progress here! 🙂


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