A New Year, A New Blog (a sorta farewell)

imagesI think there is a point in 90% of bloggers lives, where you start getting sick of your blog. You go from posting a few times a week to a few times a month and before you know it, you haven’t posted in two or three months. The bloggers who blog on a weekly basis for 3 years or more are in my experience, the exception to the rule.

Ladies and Gents, I feel I am going to be the rule rather than the exception.

I’ve enjoyed my blog, but the reason I started it in the first place was to write about living in France and that was 18 months ago. Since then I’ve managed to write semi-consistently with posts about language learning, reviews on French-related products and life in Melbourne, Australia.

But my blog started when I was at a different stage of my life. When I moved to France I was a journalism grad fresh out of uni and looking to complete my gap year dream of time abroad in France. I still felt like a student, I was living at home and for the first time uncertain about my future.

Now after almost two years back from France living there is a pleasant but distant memory, I’m living more and more independently and I have just secured my dream job (which starts next week). I don’t have any plans to live in France again unless an amazing opportunity came up, or even to go back to Europe since I’ve got my eyes set on other destinations to explore (The Americas, Japan, South Pacific) etc.

So I want to say an official Au Revoir to this blog, in the sense that I will not be updating it regularly. It doesn’t seem to make much sense to keep it running since I haven’ t lived in France for so long, but that doesn’t mean I will never post here again. I still have a handful of unfinished blog posts which I might still upload if I feel the urge, or I might write a whole new blog series one day if I feel inspired. But there’s no point in putting any expectation out there that this is an active blog.

One thing I will do is keep checking back for new comments, I LOVE when people comment and I love replying to them and having discussions with people. I have a few other blogs on this account and I subscribe to a lot of other blogs, so I’m logging into WordPress at least once a week. So if you do want to comment on a post, even if the article is old  you will get a reply from me quickly 🙂 

New Blogs

I do have a few more blogs out there, one is more of a project/more interesting to the general public and the other is more personal.

‘A Journey Through Dymock’s 101’ This is my attempt at reading through the entire list of Dymock’s (Australian bookstore) Top 101 books. Not sure how I’ll go with it, but I’ve always wanted to give it a try!

‘I’m (trying) to Quit Sugar’ Less than 12 months ago I read ‘I Quit Sugar’ by Sarah Wilson (Australian author but the book has just been published in the UK and will be published in the USA) and it changed my life. It completely changed my perspective on sugar and inspired me to quit the stuff for good. So I decided to write a reflective blog to track my progress, I didn’t show it to anyone at the time which explains why the writing’s a bit messy 🙂 But some of you out there who might be interested in doing what I did, may want to have a read of it!

Oh and this is happening this year: 

mt-fuji-viewTwo week dream trip to Japan, here I come!!!

So thanks to all of you who have read, commented, liked, shared and subscribed to the musings of my mind for so long.

Please stay in touch! 🙂

Samantha (OhSacreBleu)

4 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Blog (a sorta farewell)

  1. I just found this blog today. As a Melbournian who is trying to learn French it resonates with me a lot.

    I hope you are going strong somewhere still, Samantha (lots of unintended alliteration there)!

    • Thanks Rhys! Still in Melbourne and working in PR. I still keep my French up by listening to the French news, joining French conversation groups in Melbourne and practising with audio magazines like ‘Think French’ (when I remember!) haha I recently went to Japan and met a French guy who was blown away by how good my French was – all the hard work DOES eventually pay off 🙂 Bonne chance avec tes etudes !

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