Australia VS France, Christmas by the fireside or the beach?

Being from the land down under I’m used to things a little differently, like celebrating Christmas in mid-summer 🙂 I know this sounds a little strange for you Northern Hemisphere readers, but having Christmas lunch outside on a summer’s day was normal to me… but I’d always dreamed of a wintry Christmas!

So I really wasn’t that sad to not be with my family last Christmas when I was in France, because a part of me thought I’d finally be getting a ‘real’ Christmas. After all, Christmas is based on a pre-Christian Pagan celebration of the winter solstice (the shortest and darkest day of the year).

However after spending a whole wintry Christmas in France, I can see there are some pros and cons for either Christmas’.

Summer Christmas – Pros

1. No winter colds

One thing I never thought of when celebrating Christmas on the other side of the globe was that winter time means winter bugs. One of my close French friends was sniffling and flued-up at the Christmas dinner table. Bugs were going around just like it does in Australia – but in mid-June or July. Far from the Christmas season.

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